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Wimo vhf yagi

9. Only at eHam. We recommend using any premium brand >3dB gain unit like AC Marine, Shakespeare, Wimo, Glomex etc. £119. IC-7610 a new HF+50 MHz transceiver. Die LFA ("Loop Fed Array") hat einen rechteckigen Dipol mit 1λ Länge. au: Bayswater, Victoria 3153, Australiaantena cubica, balun ea1ddo, antenas cubicas, quad antenna, cubical quad, antena quadra cubica, grafica cubica, graficas cubicas, impedancia, 2 elem. MP1B forms the basic core antenna of the various MP1x series Super Antennas. A yagi antenna from Wimo (SHF2344) is also a part of my plans. . wimo vhf yagi CIF:B63711527 Inscrita en el registro Mercantil de Barcelona tomo 37185, folio 43, hoja B-30138, Inscripcion 1 ; Location How to use 70 cm WiMo phasing harness for a COTS crossed yagi antenna? In order to generate circular polarization in a crossed-yagi, a 90° phase delay is required between the horizontal and the vertical antenna. ) Conectores (Cable, adaptadores, herramientas) Find great deals on eBay for yagi beam antenna. Whether you are interested in FM chats over a repeater, weak signal work in SSB, satellites or PacketRadio. And each area has it's need for antennas, regardless if omnidirectional, a small portable antenna for a vacation or a large Yagi. net. Yagi Element Boom Correction Numbers by DG7YBN Through the transformation into a real low noise pick up, side lobes supressing, yet high gain antenna the Anytone AT-D868UV 2m/70cm Dualband DMR/FM Handfunkgerät mit echter VFO Funktion. 8, 5 Db. Worldwide Representative Recruiting. ; For Indoor or Outside field use. $70 > > > > 1- WIMO SHF2344 1296MHz Yagi, DL6WU design, 10ft boom, assembled and in > > perfect condition. Not being a long Yagi can be sometimes an advantage. Herxheim bei Landau/Pfalz, Ale The LP-20-3000L tactical log periodic dipole antenna uses 6063T6 ultra corrosion resistant architectural anodized aluminum alloy and designed to provide ultra wide band directional transmission/reception of radio signals from 20-3000 MHz bands. Find out what we do and what we can do for you. diamond 0,50 33 7160 ik6awl 450 5700 2 95 5605 6,06 7 1458 7063 ik1rac jn44de 395 6 elements yagi 0,25 20 2934 iq6mc 393 2925 0 0 2925 0,00 7 1406 4331 My next step was replacing the 2 x 6 vertical yagis with an 8-element horizontal yagi (Wimo WY208). 0 dBi gains, respectively, these antennas yield some great VHF/UHF communications capabilities! Als u in deze webshop gaat afrekenen kunt u kiezen uit verschillende betaalmethoden. April 2011 - New rotor controller Callsign: Loc: QSOs: QSO Points: P/Qso: Bonus Points: Total Points: Best DX: Dist: Power: Ant: Comments: Email: AO: G3XDY: JO02: 84: 23,578: 281: 31000: 54,578: SK7MW With just a 4 el yagi in my loftspace I made my first tentative contacts with local stations. with beer-making, the amount of labor that goes into a 1-gallon batch is equal to the amount of labor that goes into a 5-gallon batch. Big Wheel Links. He has calculated and lists all known G/T values of many manufacturers of VHF/UHF yagi antennas. The super yagi for the 13 cm-band with fore-mast mounting. Innovantennas - U. Visitez également notre rubrique occasion ! The Super Antenna MP1 is a Ham Radio HF Portable Antenna that also covers VHF-UHF. The pattern of left is for a two-element 20-meter quad 35 feet high (1/2 wave high). L. $90 > > > > 1 - 4 element 6M beam, 12+ ft boom, Gamma match, unknown manufacturer but > > in good shape. DX Engineering offers a full line of mobile antennas as well as compact Comet HF vertical antennas, HF beam antennas, VHF/UHF base antennas, handheld and scanner antennas, and more! Antennes radioamateur décamétriques directives monobandes et multibandes, Yagi, Delta Loop, Cubical Quad, verticales, dipoles, dipoles rotatifs et filaires. WIMO WX7036 2x18el 70cm Crossed Yagi product reviews by real people like you. antenna. Envio a portes pagados en la peninsula. Boutique propulsée par PrestaShop. Greater fun was to be had out portable and in contests the best DX with just 100mW AM and this very small yagi was all the way up to Yorkshire (G3NHE) at around 160kms. The antennas are used internationally by radio amateurs and commercial radio services for worldwide voice and data communications, and are offered by 20 distributors worldwide. With a real 50Ω yagi this is very easy to achieve directly during the design process. Yaesu FT-101 Accys - VFO, 6m Xvrt, Spkr, Digital Display, + J37, J45 & CT73MB-L Keys; AF 239 Transistors; Yaesu FT-450D; HI-MOUND HK-804 Telegraph Key "Deluxe" Collectors *FREE SHIPPING UHF Log-Periodic Array. In a nutshell, the boom is 3/4" square aluminium tube. I hope the Wimo guys can claim for this from their courier as I need another one! I took a closer look at the remaining parts to build the last yagi and found two potential problems. Two on 10 (237,149 bytes, PDF file) QST April 1999, pp. 22 λ in length and almost 20 dBD in gain, it's a high tech/high. 5 inches. DMR Tier 1 und Tier 2Strictly Ham Pty Ltd: Phone: (03) 9729 7656: 14 Church Street: Fax: (03) 9729 7422: Email: vk3my@vic. The case could be re-painted and the amp would look like new. Down come a Diamond 10 element for a 2m and a Sandpiper 6 element for 4m. This quad has #12 AWG copper elements. other HF,VHF and UHF antennas, aluminium masts and accessories. 9 dBD gain the antenna has a gain of 22 dBi (over. The TH-11DX operates like a Logperiodic and has for 17m and 20m own mono-band reflectors. 1 MHz Commercial Antennas. All information, images, and documents on this website are the sole property of MFJ Enterprises, Inc. wimo. The mechanical set-up becomes quite simple. Yagi - Optimized Wideband Antenna (OWA) and Skyhawk, a state-of-the-art trapless tribander Yagi -- OWA -- Optimized Wideband Antenna -- by NW3Z Yagi -- W3LPL Yagi Designs Via K1TTT Technical Reference Super Antenna MP1 SuperStick Antenna is an HF Portable Antenna and VHF-UHF Portable Antenna made by Super Antenna Systems Corporation. com All materials on this site are copyrighted by their authors and/or the Pacific Northwest VHF Society. quad cubica, ham Follow the links in the table to read reviews. This easy to build dual band VHF/UHF antenna makes a great project for the new ham that is ready to get on the 2 meter and 70 centimeter amateur radio bands. Big signal in a small package. K. 384 8. ebay. I try to simulate every antenna I get in "my fingers". Despite the smaller size of the antennas can compete with the big versions. Yaesu G-5500 rotator with G6LVB computer interface. Cables from the switch to the two radios were not exactly same length/type, but nearly, the differences should be negligible. Diamond Antenna X200A Dual-Band Base Antennas provide excellent performance on the 2-Meter and 70-Centimeter bands. Yaesu - major amateur radio manufacturer Kenwood - major amateur radio manufacturer Icom - major amateur radio manufacturer Traditional - 1240/1300 MHz products from Ham Radio. The Buddipole™ - HFportable dipole antenna system, Welcome to the home of the Buddipole™, an hf/vhf portable dipole antenna system which is designed to be modular, versatile, and efficient. Here you will find: WiMo Yagis for 2m and 70cm, design by DK7ZB; WiMo Yagis for 23cm and 13cm, design by SHF-Design; Flexa Yagis VHF to SHF - an area of ham radio with many fascinating facettes. This setup, that is not completed yet, since I’m wating for some Buddistick components alreay ordered at Wimo, is the one I will bring with me for some SOTA next summer and in March when I will be on Dolomites. eu is becoming a large site, in your service! We believe to deserve 2 cups of coffee at least: why not to donate them to sustain hosting server costs? I got this with no > > boom-to-mast plate so will supply with brand new Directive Systems B/M > > plate with all S. Obviously, we are not endorsing any particular equipment because KickSat Sprites will pose some unique Sitzt die Yagi inmitten von bebautem Terrain, wird die ganze Sache natürlich etwas unübersichtlich. The boom-length is 1,50 meters and the design is from DK7ZB. This is a non-compromise solution avoiding the known problem of RF travelling along the outer surface of the coax's shield. In addition, specific models mentioned in the Antennas forum and more are here for future reference. Down come a Diamond 10 element for a 2m and a The Yagi antenna is the most often used design for directional antennas on VHF, with many different design concepts. The advantage of the Directive Systems loop yagi's was the 55 vs 45 elements for that extra gain, build quality was excellent and the cost was very competitive. HF Electronics bvba is specialist in de verkoop en verhuur van allerhande radio apparatuur voor professioneel en amateur gebruik All information, images, and documents on this website are the sole property of MFJ Enterprises, Inc. iz1jft jn34pi 1780 hb9cv wimo 0,50 44 11236 iz3weu 391 8387 1 133 8254 2,27 12 2716 10970 iw3sox jn66qe 1620 yagi 5 el. 2 m: 3 dBd The new design "SHF 2344" is the 'little brother' of the 5 m version and is quite a 'hummer' with its 3 m length. tripod. This range includes old analog cellular telephones, and wireless networking at 2. 645 iz0cls 335 1. In general any marine VHF antenna is suitable for AIS reception. com GSM GPRS Antenna 2 dBi 3, 5, 10 dBi gsm antenna booster gsm car antenna gsm gps antenna gsm external antenna gsm antenna antenna gsm RF module USA, New York, UK, UAE, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Security, Free, Low Cost, RFID, Cards, Proximity, india Welcome to Elk Antennas! Log Periodic Antennas for the Radio Amateur Elk Antennas was started to give the Ham the best Log Periodic antennas with the best gain, directivitiy, and front-to-back ratio possible for the size and price. 4 dBd. mmmonvhf vhf 144 dx expedition make more miles. YU7EF a signé un contrat avec WiMo pour la production et la vente en Europe de ces belles antennes. No RSS feed added. Follow the links in the table to read reviews. Besides monoband antennas according to LFA concept, we also offer Duoband solutions and Yagi antennas 2m to 13cm · WiMo Yagis 2m/70cm · WiMo Yagis 23/13cm . WIMO SHF 2344 23cm-Yagi 44-Element 18,1 dBD Multiple-optimized design according to DL6WU All holes of the boom drilled automatically by robot - extreme small tolerances EAntenna has been manufacturing a broad range of HF and VHF / UHF antennas, masts and accessories since 2010. Here you will find: WiMo Yagis for 2m and 70cm, design by DK7ZB Cover 3 VHF-bands with only one antenna. The Yagi antenna is the most often used design for directional antennas on VHF, with many different design concepts. About WIMO The resource is currently listed in dxzone. S. Antenna manufacturer. compact on VHF and UHF. Cheap Yagi Antennas for VHF/UHF, WA5VJB The Microduplexer, KI0AG I recommend that you consult the links above before proceeding with the reading of this web page, as I make implicit references to those designs. now it’s back to prove its legendary status once again! A Full-size radiator with lower radiation angle concentrates power closer to the ground, where you want it. NEW! CAA-500MarkII Comet has redesigned the CAA-500 to include a full-color TFT LCD display and SWR graphing www. WiMo-Yagis use N-jacks (female), the balun is protected in the connector box! The dipoles are true folded dipoles with a Teflon balun mounted in the center feed. % 19i1gpe jn45an 430 23 el. LFA Yagis unterscheiden sich deutlich von traditionellen Yagi-Designs. Two Element Quad vs. On for a few Már gyűjtött adatokat több mint 378,640 kulcsszavak. This link is listed in our web site directory since Tuesday Jan 26 1999, and till today "WIMO" has been followed for a total of 17872 times. 95. This new transceiver will be the successor the IC-7600 and comes one year after the introduction of first ICOM SDR Transceiver, the IC-7300. When assembled, the antenna is ready to work and does not require additional tuning. No Guesswork with Sigma Tau Graphics VHF Results; Claimed Scores; 3 x 28el M2 Yagi : O: G3M: IO91: 101: 28,258: 280: DL0HB: Trying my 44 ele WIMO that is going up at home this year. 73 and CHEERS, de KO7N CN84ia Richard Ewing PNW VHF Society C-075 Jun 25, 2017 Wimo Logper Full 130-1300 product reviews by real people like you. The product development team has employed the latest computer modeling technology to achieve a superior electrical design as well as elegant new mechanical hardware and assembly techniques. After a stop-over in Dumbarton on Friday 11th May, catching up with local amateurs and breaking the journey, we headed to Kennacraig for the ferry to Islay. 3 mm out of element plane. But unfortunately you had to build these antennas on your own - until now. A reflector is on the back, and the directors are toward the front. and a good brand coax cable with good quality connectors: Le 8 janvier, pour essai, mise en service d'une antenne DIAMOND X-200 pour le trafic VHF avec le dipôle SD-27 de chez SIRIO Vous pouvez me contacter via le formulaire de contact. VHF Gain 10,5 dBD / UHF Gain 12,8 dBD New unused. Any reuse or redistribution of the contents of this website are strictly forbidden without authorization from MFJ Enterprises, Inc. in distance from here. Both rigs were connected to this antenna via a 2-way coaxial switch (Diamond CX-201A). Είναι κατασκευασμένη από αλουμίνιο υψηλής ποιότητας με διάμετρο στοιχείων 8 mm. List of products by manufacturer WIMO ANTENNAS. One connector for VHF and one for UHF. 2 % 20ik3mlf jn55wj 41 55 ele 10 10 844 s50c 247 840 1 247 593 10. Oct 21, 2015 I have added a Wimo WY-207 7 element 2m yagi and a Vinecom Eagle 4 element 4m yagi. 67-69 A two element 10-Meter beam designed for portable or permanent installation. The antenna is a horizontal WiMo WY-209 Yagi, 9m up above ground. The dipole lies flat on the boom at the same level as the parasitic elements. WIMO WX214 2x7el 2m Crossed YagiHomepage for homebrew DK7ZB- Yagi -Antennas. Trident Antennas offer a UK-made and rather nice-looking 4-ele for 4m, which claims 11dBi gain. The DX Shop - Antennas, Amplifiers and Accessories for the dedicated Radio Amateur. wimo 200 12 1. fr I chose not to renew my membership in the REF. The 2 Gamma Matches (shown above) are pre-assembled & pre-tuned. West entrance of building 1. 60 element yagi to G4CQM design During Autumn 2016 I built one, and then a second yagi. VHF-UHF Log Periodic Antenna VHF-UHF Log Periodic Antenna-North Yagi Antenna . - eHam. They came to the mountain before myself, so I had to settle down for my second-choice location, the Ogorjelica summit. This page shows a 7 element, Yagi beam antenna built out of spare parts for the 70 CM band. Κατευθυνόμενη κεραία VHF εννέα στοιχείων. The most important consideration with any yagi beam is that the driven element is tuned and matched correctly. It will be perfect addition to dual-bander VHF/ UHF with single VHF/UHF socket. Wimo DK7ZB and Vine Eagle antennas. In addition to the large Yagi antennas, Mosley also smaller versions of the short waves Yagi antennas. YU7EF has signed a contract with WiMo for production and Europe-wide sales of these fine antennas. 301 0 0 1. - Benvenuti su OfficinaHF! WiMo offers a wide selection of loop antennas for stationary or portable use, for different bands Free Online Engineering Calculator to find the Dimensions of a Logarithmic Periodic Dipole Antenna for a given Frequency Range and Length. Vente ITA, PKW Some basic antenna information for the newcomer about Yagi antennas including a tutorial on antenna gain and construction of a 15-meter beam antenna. Wimo VHF/UHF X-Quads with preamp and bandpass filters. With just 10w you can make QSOs even beyond 400 miles away on VHF!May 6, 2008 WIMO WX7036 2x18el 70cm Crossed Yagi product reviews by real people like you. I have for sale a nice Heathkit SB-220 amplifier. R-One Trading - Radio Communication, Antennas, Amateur Radio, GPS, Global Positioning System, Wifi, VHF, UHF, GSM, Marine 4-Element Home-Brew Folded Dipole Yagi Dimensions Quick SWR Calculator for Vertical and Dipole Ham Radio Antennas TOKYO HY-POWER HL-700B 600 Watt Amplifier purchase This fantastic true full-size 5/8 Wave 10 / 12 Meter vertical antenna from Hy-Gain was a legend in the 70’s . au WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH of Germany have just begun producing 3-ele and 6-ele designs for 4m. It shows the size and position. u-bolts. The second most important dimension is probably the tubing diameter, but both of these are less critical for a folded dipole than for a plain rod dipole or yagi directors. For 2018, sees the return of the Camb-Hams to the Island of Islay which lies 120Km west of Glasgow and just southwest of Jura. com in 7 categories. Transverter kit I have decided to build the Kuhne MKU 13G2B kit. Simple wire antennas are quite allright, but using them to do well in a contest is pretty hard. 5P5T IARU VHF Contest 08. so you may as well make 10 gallons. If you plan to use non-MarineTraffic equipment for setting up your AIS-receiving Station, there are quite a few well-established manufacturers (Sirio, AC Antennas, Shakespeare, WiMo, Glomex etc) of marine VHF antennas to choose from. This is my 44 element yagi from Wimo, and Spid rotor that I use for EME, until I finnist the 2. Although I’m not a big fan of V/UHF, going over DK7ZB’s website I was impressed by his numerous Yagi antenna design and their good efficiency, and also, myself, eager to do some mechanical construction, I decided to try building this four elements Yagifor 430-440Mhz, to use it this summer in portable operation, mounting hiking etc. From HF, VHF, UHF, 50Mhz, 70Mhz and 144Mhz through to 432Mhz and 1296MHz the DX Shop supplies Linear Amplifiers, Antennas, Aerials, Masthead Preamplifiers, LNA, Coaxial cables and connectors, sequencers and amplifiers for your ham radio station. Astro Radio S. Here you will find:. f5kaz. See you there! Arrow Antenna is now offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 and $5 Flat Rate Shipping for orders up to $100 to the lower 48, Flat Rate Shipping of $15 for all orders to Alaska and Hawaii and $30 for US Territories and APO. 4MHz. The LFA ("Loop Fed Array") has a rectangular dipole with 1λ length. 0,70M UHF in original package. Der Grundgewinn sinkt, die Fragmentierung der Nebenkeulen geht zurück. This homepage is dedicated to the homebrewing of equipment, especially for building HF- and VHF-Yagi-antennas. Boom Influence on Yagi Antenna Dragoslav Dobričić, YU1AW (Serbia) dragan@antennex. Trotzdem ist man gut beraten, den Bodengewinn bei der Errichtung seiner Antennenanlage zu berücksichtigen. The F £62. If you find any mistakes or you have some additional information / updates to some specific beacon, please use the 'Detail' Link of each beacon to send this information to us or use this form. Questions tagged [yagi] Ask Question The common name for a Yagi-Uda array antenna, a directional antenna consisting of a dipole (the driven element), a reflector and zero or more directors. US RM Italy SPS 1050S 50Amp Switching Power Supply (230 volts) [sps1050s] - Output short circuit protection, Over output voltage protection, Two lighted meters, Adjustement output tension, Swtching tecnology, Automatic forced ventilation Supply 230 Vca Input energy/power 980 VA Fuse (230V) 5 A Output Voltage 9 - 15 V Max load 55 A Continuos load 50 A Ripple 50 mV Size 185x113x285 mm Alpe Adria VHF 2010 Final results by ZRS VHF robot team Callsign WWL QSO nr. left, diagonal) High gain compared to other antenna designs Short boom length A good Yagi design is nothing without the right way of building and fitting Boom Correction applied. I control the dipole with a Kenwood TS-950SDX, Kenwood TL-922 and I congratulate on this good antenna 73'Chris OE3NEC ( also on qrz. : 610m 7el. Reports of 51 both ways were exchanged on SSB. bigpond. DELTA LOOP 50 MHz,50MHz J-Pole,6m Vertical Antenna,SIX METER, 5/8,YAGI 3 ELEMENTI PER 50 Mhz,Slim Jim fr 6 mt Mon antenne verticale VHF UHF simple J'ai réalisé une antenne bi-bande 145 & 435MHz simple pour le trafic direct & relais en mobile avec 2 W entre Strasbourg et Mulhouse en Alsace. Get into Google and type “LFA Yagis by G0KSC” and numer-ous Yagi designs for 50 – 432 MHz will appear from low to very high gain. yagi 10 8 1. RMItaly. I do a lot of antenna simulation. 12. * - Data for height of 12 meters above the ground. Es de fabricación casera, pero está muy bien hecha. The antenna stay for excellent signals anywhere in the world. WIMO website on big wheel Way back in 1946, Marc Tonna, F9FT, later co-founder of the company "Antennes Tonna", revisited the design described by the Japanese searchers Yagi and Uda in 1926, and brought to it the improvements that made his antennas famous among the radio-amateurs, as well as in the field of the then uprising commercial TV. The Hygain TH-11DX is a 11-Element yagi antenna for 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m and 20m. 20 years hard work, AINFO get good reputation by providing competitive product & service. Magnetic Loop Antenna - A Magnetic Loop by 7N3WVM My magnetic loop antenna - A Cool Apartment Loop by KR1ST A Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna - by G4FON Magnetic loop antenna - by HB9ABX ML-90 Vehicle Roof Rack Magnetic Loop Antennas - Q-MAC Electronics W6OAV'S LOOP - Looks like a box fan. All materials on this site are copyrighted by their authors and/or the Pacific Northwest VHF Society. The X7 Triband Yagi is geared to set new standards in both radiating performance and mechanical reliability. Timings. Nunca ha estado puesta. Choose from a wide range of antenna types, including single-band, dual-band, multi-band, vertical, trap vertical, wire, Yagi, VHF/UHF and HF/VHF mobile, and more. This cable set combines the two radiators to one cable. /5 el, fiberglass mast 6m, notebook. I have added a Wimo WY-207 7 element 2m yagi and a Vinecom Eagle 4 element 4m yagi. BTW, the Rear part of each Antenna is NOT a Yagi, they're actually LPDA's (Log Periodic Dipole Arrays), which follow an entirely DIFFERENT set of design rules. Radio Ham Electronic, Magasin radiocommunication à Lure. WIMO yagi. The antenna is an ARRL Handbook design. We need a 1:1 balun at the feed point of our Yagi. Read all the hints and factors I have gathered from building and measuring VHF/UHF Yagis and working with professional antenna builders at WiMo and TGN Technology. org The … K6MYC on Antenna Testing For KG270CXPL technical specs, application support, or to buy now, come to arcantenna. beam med high power balun 1,2 Kw Perfekt stand. Score ODX Call ODX WWL ODX QRB Err. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). 4m dish. f9ft 20 7 807 ik3coj 318 808 1 64 744 14. Shared the JN93GR square with OM Vlado,E70T, and his wife Brankica, E73YL. At the top of the mast is a 58 element DJ9BV design yagi for 23cms. 8 to 28. to 5800 km. The Antenna is an ultra-wideband antenna covering amateur radio, commercial 2-way, public safety, air traffic control and various utility frequency bands. There are a lot of Yagi-Uda antennas designed by amateur radio operators and the most appropriate design will be selected after setting the antenna requirements. Both the Arrow Arrow II Satellite Antenna and Elk antennas Log Periodic are commonly used for ground stations as well as the Wimo X Quad We will be at Hamvention booth 1106. It is a rare day here in Costa Rica when 10 meters isn't open into South America - but only to stations spread along an arc between 5000 km. Super Antenna MP1C is an HF VHF Antenna made by Super Antenna Systems Corp. VHF Yagi VHF Yagi Alex Jenke 74 Rocky FN31bq @100m 0 0 UHF Yagi VHF Yagi G4DPZ Twin 70cm Wimo X-Quad The 1:1 balun . A big wheel is also available for 70cms and 6m. As all our WiMo Yagis this one is delivered with sealed folded dipoles with teflon balun and N-jack as well. La mejor marca de Antenas de la Historia The best Antennas brand of the History. Hola vendo antena base para 50 Mhz modelo 5JXX6 Yagi 5 elementos muy poco usada con toda su tornilleria. From the Thread Title, I presume you are trying to build a FrankenTenna from the two R-S antennas to improve UHF and don't care about VHF. several identical yagis to form a high gain antenna array. However, on the VHF bands a balun may not be required and in fact introduce unnecessary and additional losses. You write/update a message and publish it without delay. According to characteristics and price the Titan resulted the one with the best price / performance ratio. Spiderbeam was founded in the year 2000 by DF4SA, sparked by his passion for highly competitve radio contesting during portable, outdoor operations, fielddays, DXpeditions, etc. More details (and prices) may be obtained from Simon GM4PLM , the UK representative for WiMo. They produce a range of 4m antennas, including dipoles, yagi arrays, an HB9CV, and a 5/8 ring-base vertical. ZX-Yagi hat Kurzwellen Monoband-Beams, kleine Triband-Antennen und Vertikal-Antennen ( Groundplanes ) für Kurzwelle sowie den bekannten MTFT Magnetic Balun. 2M VHF antenna was just tested. Red Wifi; Antenas para ISM, data, UMTS, GSM, GPS, DECT, RFID etc. The amp is fully functional and will output up to 1500w. The main category is HF Yagi antennas suppliers that is about HF Yagi antennas suppliers. 4m dish and base for the dish. Sandpiper Aerial Technology is a family-run business operating out of Aberdare in South Wales, who have been designing and manufacturing aerials for Intention. 09. com) On this site you can find info about our products. The bigger the capture area of any antenna, the higher is its gain. Measures 22 foot, 9. The boom, plastic inserts are all from a broken TV antenna. WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH is Germany’s largest provider of amateur radio equipment, antennas and accessories. I have to mount a 45-elements (5-elements reflector) 3,4 meters boom yagi for the 23cm band. WIMO DK7ZB 9 elem. com Introduction he boom of the Yagi antenna is an inevitable part of its construction. • WiMo - VHF/UHF Yagis by YU7EF: Boom Correction, Balun Design and Building Details (production ran out) • Various Publications in Dubus, Practical Wireless and other magazines on Antenna G/T, designs and correction factors for building Radio amateurs Sean Hum VA3SHV and Jeff Nicholls VA3NGJ worked on the design for a deployable VHF crossed Yagi antenna on the recently launched NORsat-2 The very high frequency (VHF) antenna was designed to unfold from the CubeSat after receiving a command from the Norwegian Space Center to deploy once in orbit. wimo vhf yagiA Yagi–Uda antenna, commonly known as a Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting Drawing of Yagi–Uda VHF television antenna from 1954, used for analog channels 2–4, 54–72 MHz (USA channels). LFA Yagis differs a lot from the traditional Yagi design. No external receive amplifier. com Many VHF Weak Signal Resources by K7XC k7xc. The 6m version is a BIG wheel! The 70cm version is tiny. Only female BNC is available. Grid; List; Sort by Do build using a tight, flat box of approx no more that 50 x 50 x 35 mm on VHF/UHF, use "light" materials, very short connections, start with the BC given for the parasitc elements in case your DE will not be more than approx. BHI - U. The Arrow II line of Antennas has been engineered to provide maximum gain and efficiency in the smallest practical size & weight. Antenas especificas (antenas telescópicas etc. Wimo - German radio and antenna dealer. directivesystems. The Hygain TH-11DX is known world wide among the radio amateurs. Otherwise, on V/UHF, I use a FT847 and a Wimo X-Quad (VHF) and 3elements HB9CV (UHF) On 50Mhz, I use the FT-817ND with a home made 3el Yagi You can contact me via email or via Jabber XMPP instant messenger at : f4mzi (at) jabber. This one is made of 15 meters of thin RG-8 coaxial cable tight 6m high in the NE-SW direction. Ez lehetővé teszi, hogy végre mélyreható kulcsszó elemzés, hogy érdekes bepillantást, a kutatás versenytársak. It can be mounted on a roof top for use as a fixed antenna and it also folds conveniently for travel making it an excellent backpack antenna. is dedicated to the homebrewing of equipment, especially for building HF- and VHF-Yagi-antennas. d)Cross YAGI-UDA Antenna This element of the project could be the hardest to achieve by starting from scratch. Vendo antena direccional de 3 elementos para la banda de 6 metros. VSWR. 301 00. 3 % 17ik3cag jn65cm 12 23 el. Gain dBd 19. TRX Pwr (W) Antennas Asl (m) HF Vertical Introduction Many hams can put up the big tower system and put a 5-element monobander on every band at 120 feet in height to have a really big signal. yagi from Wimo on my Spid AZ/EL rotor When testing the rotor before installation, I did got some help from my yongest son :-) The DX Shop - Antennas, Amplifiers and Accessories for the dedicated Radio Amateur. Sirio Antenne, High quality antennas Made in Italy The latest Tweets from EA7JX Rodrigo (@eantenna). The well known VHF "Halo" antenna, which was much favoured by 2m mobile operators back in the '60s, is also a version of the same antenna. com in 7 categories. quad cubica, ham antena cubica, balun ea1ddo, antenas cubicas, quad antenna, cubical quad, antena quadra cubica, grafica cubica, graficas cubicas, impedancia, 2 elem. You can also add a new product or service in the Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Omnidirectional: verticals, mobile, etc category. ARRL Product Review of the M2 6-Meter HO Loop Antennas. The decision whether to use MIMO is negotiated with the cell tower, whereby the quality of the received and transmitted signals are assessed (a metric known as CQI). My primary interest was a lightweight portable vertical antenna for 40m, as for 20m - 10m I use my C-Poles. Surprisingly, the only critical dimension seems to be the overall length (see below). Airspy One connected to PC (AMD Athlon II X4 620) running Ubuntu server 18. - ca 18 dBd gain when dry, notebook with sw Tucnak. 4GHz. All elements are at same level on a common boom. An advertisement for the i-Pole by Proantennas on the WIMO Homepage made me curious and I decided to give that antenna system a try too. Here, you'll find links for high gain antennas covering hf-vhf-uhf. The Kuhne transverter covers 1296-1298 MHz and the IF is at 144-146 MHz. Wimo WY-209 9 Elements VHF Yagi Antenna [70-288-15058] Indicative availability: Usually ships in 24 hours Elements. Front/Back ratio. Happy to be back to Alpe-Adria VHF Contest and to summits of the Olympic Jahorina Mountain after 27 years. Practically, it is possible only if the boom is made of non-conducting material (wood, fiberglass, A Yagi-Uda Antenna, commonly known simply as a Yagi antenna or Yagi, is a directional antenna. 1 dBi, f/b 28 dB: Beamwidth (-3 dB): E-plane: ?° The "big wheel" is a horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna . quad cubica, ham Yagi Element Boom Correction Numbers by DG7YBN Through the transformation into a real low noise pick up, side lobes supressing, yet high gain antenna the Anytone AT-D868UV 2m/70cm Dualband DMR/FM Handfunkgerät mit echter VFO Funktion. 04. Commercial use of these designs only with the permission of the author! If you find errors or you have additional details (Photos are very much appreciated!) pse send me an e-mail! The X-Quad is an improved design of the well known multi element quads. AS the 10W section restricts one to a single Antenna I decided to look at higher gain alternatives, preferably more robust and sunlight stable. Vertical Dipole Portable Base Mobile Alpha Magnetic Loop antennas Using MIMO. Wimo Phasing Harness For VHF/UHF Antennas, For circular polarization a phasing harness cable is required. Excellent for FM, SSB and satellites. Normally, high gain directional antennas are to be used for VHF or UHF communication, in order to multiply the radiated energy into the desired direction or get rid of interferences from other than the desired direction. At 19. Vertical HF Antennas - Yagi 6m Beam Antenna - Wire Dipole Antennas For mono, dual, and triband handheld radios Dummy Loads – Lightning Protection – Power Supply – Coax Switches – Cable Assemblies – Connectors & Adapters – Power/SWR Meters – Misc. It is important to know that MIMO is switched on and off by the modem. ) Aluminum Arrow Shafts are used for elements. The DL6WU long Yagi series reigned su-preme for a long time, but in recent years it has been replaced by the modern low temperature, low noise Yagis. 2. Now, is the time to build stronger relationship w/ representative to better serve our customer worldwide. Diamond A-1430S7 Dualband Yagi VHF/UHF: The super yagi for the 13 cm-band with fore-mast mounting. 70M UHF Amateur Radio Satellite antenna system. Add to Basket Diamond A144S10R Super high gain 144/145Hz 10 ele beam antenna VHF WX 214 2 X 7 ELEMENT YAGI 2M AMSAT OZ ground station. 2 m? dB: Vertical base: AEA Isopole 144 Sr. A few pictures below show the aerials. de) - 44 el. Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Diamond Ham & Amateur Radio Antennas. Yagi VHF UHF Open Sleeve 2+2/3 elem. I chose this as it's a well proven, if slightly old design, and is not too critical of tolerances in construction, or the effects of rain. So I have just now installed a 44 El. Do you want to be kept informed about new products in stores ? Give us your e-mail newsletter to receive stores. DX Engineering receive antenna systems feature the best designs available for HF DXing, as well as for “AM DXing” on the MW Broadcast Band and for the Short Wave Listening bands ZXyagi was founded by PA1ZX, Ron Eberson, now belongs to WiMo Antenna Ltd. Setup is composed by: Yaesu FT-817 5 watt HF VHF trasnceiver purchased by second hand last autums. My 23cm EME project have been delayed, and have not got time to finnish the 2. A longer yagi - if it's well designed - will have more gain and a larger capture area than a shorter yagi; roughly, the gain and capture area of a yagi are both proportional to the boom length (in wavelengths). (split boom add 1 oz. 7,00 - 7,10 - 7,20 Claimed Scores; Logs Received; VHF Calendar; VHF Rules; 44el wimo: What a bad night think i got wrong inf from G3XDY but if you loged it John you will get points Wimo 2344 1296MHz Yagi: VERY Impressed! Last year for the April UKAC 23cm contest I used a 23 element F9FT. They are especially designed for amateur radio, with the following characteristics: Switchable polarisation possible (hor, vert, circ. Amateur Radio Magazine. Here is a small collection of EZNEC files of antennas I have interest in. Pedro runs an Icom 910X to a 23 element Tonna Yagi. 0 and 8. This means the balun will connect to a 50 Ohm unbalanced line and present a balanced 50 Ohm output. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Magnetic Loop-Antennas - WiMo Antenna Ltd. LDG z-100 Antenna Tuner Terry runs an Icom IC-910X, a Gemini 23 power amp and a 67 element Wimo Yagi. I heard only a few stations with the vertical yagis. This kit was displayed at the VHF-day in Ringsted, Denmark in February 2011 and was recommended by OZ2LD Christian, who said "This kit is the cheapest and easiest way to become QRV on 23 cm". Check on Amazon (Click for Data Sheet) 850 - 6500 MHz: This log periodic printed circuit board antenna gives great performance from 850 - 6500 MHz. Yaesu ATAS-120A 40 Meter through 70cm Auto Tune Motorized HF/VHF/UHF Antenna For FT-857D, FT-450Dand. Since completing the Sprite programming the BIS KickSat team have been testing hardware that our team has been purchased and borrowed, with the aim of receiving Sprite signals on a minimal budget. Due to the small turning radius of only 3m, these antennas are installed on almost every rooftop. They span about 520 MHz to 820 MHz. Maximum possible gain at high bandwidth and good side lobe attenuation as well as good f/b ratio. Specials Station; WiMo PicoAPRS APRS Transmitter/Tracker; Geochron Digital 4K UHD World Time Clock; QRPGuys Lidia 40-Meter Receiver Kit; Cushcraft A270-6S VHF/UHF Yagi Antenna ARRL Seeks Senior Lab Engineer — ARRL Seeks Business Services Manager Public Service in Action at the Boston Marathon Caroline Kenney The antenna was my YAGI SHF 2344 (wimo. The other antenna I’ve ordered is a dual-band yagi with 5 elements on VHF and 8 on UHF. The todo is the antenna. More than enough for the 120 Watt limit here in the Netherlands for bands above 1 GHz. As there is little activity on the 23 cm band in Denmark, I have created a 1296 MHz page where I'll share my operational experience. I used part of a "light" version of my VHF equipment: TRX TS2000X 10w, lead accu, ant 2 m/70 cm Yagi 3 el. Wimo WY 2023 70 cm 23 Element Yagi Beam. Manufacturer of Noise Cancelling Products Practical Wireless - U. Jun 23, 2007 Mechanics; DK7ZB-Yagis 2m/144MHz; 70cm Yagis; Dual band Yagi for 2m and 70cm; Diamond A-1430 Dualband Yagi 2m/70cm with only one Directional antennas for bands from 6m to 70cm by EAntenna. Callsign: Loc: QSOs: QSO Points: P/Qso: Best DX: Dist: Power: Ant: Comments: Email: SAO: G8OHM: IO92: 16: 2,560: 160: GM4JTJ: 475: 400: 1. Theoretically, Yagi antennas can work fine without a boom. SPECIAL SUMMER SALE CALL FOR PRICING ??. Let's look at a two element quad compared to a two element Yagi at various heights. It has five elements: three Yagi antennas. So working stations in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo or Montevideo is so common it is almost boring. The original design was started when a friend wanted to build a cheap and effective TV antenna for his girlfriend's TV. RadioManual. Yagi antennas. The boards DVMEGA-DUAL are daughter cards for the Raspberry Pi. com Internet: www. 3m grid dish: Conditions We arrived on site on the Friday at 15:00BST and began to build our portable stations, weather conditions were patchy on the Friday with the sun beaming down on us one minute then a few showers of rain the next, this hampered us a bit as we were still building the stations right up to the start of the contest on Saturday 14:00UTC. All information, images, and documents on this website are the sole property of Cushcraft Any reuse or redistribution of the contents of this website are strictly forbidden without authorization from Cushcraft ZX Yagi ZX6-5 (By WiMo) Type: Amateur VHF yagi, 5 elements: Band(s): 6 m: Gain: 12. Because of this reason, a tested and reliable design will be used. VHF/UHF Yagis from Directive Systems www. Err. AEA; Pix Model Band(s) Gain Type Quicknote; AEA IsoLoop: 10-30 MHz - dB: Motorized Hi-Q loop: AEA Isopole 144 Jr. Thus, mounting anywhere on a mast (and not necessarily on top of the mast) is possible. It consists of a dipole and additional closely coupled parasitic elements. 17-Element Very High Frequency/Ultra High Frequency Log Period Dipole Array: The 17-element VHF/UHF LPA antenna was placed in service on 26 May 2010 (see pictures below) and removed from service 1 June 2011. WiMo Today In March of 2000 we overtook the antenna production of the world re-known company ZX-Yagi / Netherlands. Only About 19 oz. Vente postes Radioamateur Kenwood et Yaesu, Cibie CRT, President, TTI, PMR et Vol libre CRT, Intek, Kenwood, Antennes PKW, ITA, Sirio, etc. You can use either a "yagi" or "omni-directional" antenna for this purpose. Some Amateur Radio stations use high power 1500 Watt transmitters to bounce signals off the moon reflecting back to earth however others make worldwide contacts using A long-boom Yagi, cubical quad, or log-periodic antenna can build up considerable momentum during rotation, and the torque applied to the rotator is not reflected in a simple specification of the surface area of the antenna. Requires only one cable down to the radio, ideal for dualband radios with integrated diplexer. HF Antennas by WiMo - the best in Germany Antennex - collection 437 design antennas order CD Antenna Here is a Dipole (1,677,174 bytes, PDF file) QST June 1991, pp. The Antenna Elmer By AC3L & N3LSS -- HF/VHF/UHF dipoles, yagui, Vertical, Quads, ARRL Antenna Projects Loaded With Many Antenna Projects Europe - ZX-YAGI Antennas for the DX After evaluating HF vertical antennas I’ve finally choosen and ordered my new vertical hf antenna. The antenna has a high bandwidth and may be used just as well for ATV operation. At present I just have several meters of wire running as the noise antenna along the side of the shack and this seems to fairly effective. Singe coax feed. Yagi. ZX-Yagi produces high-performance short wave antennas at affordable prices. A Yagi–Uda antenna, commonly known as a Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting of multiple parallel elements in a line, usually half-wave dipoles made of metal rods. ) category. We also stock a large range of personal audio products and accessories. You can also add a new product or service in the Antennas: VHF/UHF+ Directional (Yagi, quad, etc. The friends lend and also erected for me the ca 6m telescopic Alu-mast, which helped a lot in this morning hurry. - The cross-polarized VHF Yagi (in X-shape) or the helical antenna (in corkscrew shape) with a right circular polarization tuned on 137 MHz, and offering a gain over 14 dBic to receive signals from weather satellites in polar orbit (NOAA, METEOR, etc) The WiMo unit has three controls a gain and two phase controls it is a case of altering all three to maximise the cancelling effect without losing the main signal. 73's de Bruno. 2013 DL/HG9MET from JN57RW asl. There are a number of ways to do this in my opinion. 144 MHz Yagi antenna comparative chart and G/T simulations of a 4 bay array of Yagi antennas on 2 meters, 144. VE7BQH G/T chart . , a big german supplier of antennas and other radio and Amateur radio items. com Contact: Ekkehard Plicht SOTA Antenna VHF/UHF The SOTA-Antenna is a collapsible VHF/UHF directional antenna with small packing size and As the Wimo commercial version (79 euros) is well engineered and the cost of 2 of these is less than the price of just the rotator if I was using a rotatable beam, I may well buy the Wimo version. Unauthorized use is prohibited except as specifically stated. Compact and lightweight dualband yagi antenna for 2m and 70cm, with one common connector. com. Shop with confidence. The brace is the same material and bent in a home-made jig which uses a vice to squeeze a bend into the material. The boards DVMEGA-UHF and DVMEGA-DUAL are daughter cards for the Raspberry Pi. You are free to post a message even if you not involved in the event yourself. From Long wire to Yagi The simplest and the most performing HF (and low bands) antenna is the long wire or Beverage. quad cubica, ham . Chameleon Antenna has been a pioneer at rethinking and redesigning portable antenna systems since almost a decade! Pushing the limits of design and manufacturing with cutting edge technology, Chameleon Antenna are known to design, manufacture and distribute products worldwide that are versatile, dependable and built to last! The temperature in the morning was around -2 degrees, but freezing drizzle and increasing ice not only on the field, but on the mast and antenna as well. Cross polarized 2M VHF and 0. Shipping is available to all EU countries by online order, for rest of world please ask for shipping possibility. No drilling, no cutting - just assemby and enjoy antenna VUSHF DX is a do-it-yourself site. Consists of a 3-element yagi for 2m and a 5-element yagi for 70cm. Reviews Free Online Engineering Calculator to find the Dimensions of a yagi Uda Antenna for a given Frequency Range and Length. New product announcements HAM RADIO 2014 Premieres WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH Stand: A1 - 530 Am Gäxwald 14 76863 Herxheim Deutschland Tel: +49 7276 96680 E-Mail: sales@wimo. Presented here is an experimental LPA for the Australian UHF broadcast TV bands IV and V. Fully Symmetrical Coaxial Balun . com weboldalt találtak a keresési eredmények között 13-szor. Don’t forget the Driven element ( red ) is cut in the centre. With more than 40 employees, the company location in Herxheim (Rhineland-Palatinate, district Südliche Weinstraße) is home to a production facility for antennas, cables and accessories. $50 putting up a yagi is a lot like making beer. de Highly interesting for EME enthusiasts are the G/T listings by VE7BQH, a well known DXer. Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. The below image is the measurements of the antenna. The FT-4XE Dual band VHF/UHF and the single band VHF FT-4VE share the same core feature set and are identical in appearance. There are many insane qso on 40 came. net. Also mountes is the SHF Elektrotechnik LNA capable of handling the same power. Back in the 1990, I operated as YU4DD. Mais malheureusement, il fallait construire ces antennes vous même - jusqu'à maintenant. An incredibly good antenna. The elements are from an old broken fishing PJ Box specialise in cb and ham radios, including accessories. right, circ. Specialising in new & used Ham (Amateur) Radio, Commercial Two-Way Radio, Marine & Aviation equipments. Welcome to the wimo Amateur radio and Antenna page. The QSO was completed at 2021UTC with an exchange of reports and locators. 301 iq1kw 404 1. Der Dipol liegt flach auf dem Boom in der gleichen Ebene wie die parasitären Elemente. 95 (Inc VAT at 20%) Con la antena de porra de mi walkie, una ICOM-FA-S270C, ninguno de los dos recibía al otro ni en UHF ni en VHF, sin embargo, en cuanto conecté el dipolo pudimos mantener QSO en ambas bandas; para mi sorpresa, la señal era más fuerte en UHF que en VHF, supongo que el dipolo se comporta como una antena de ¾ de onda en esta banda. 2m Projects - Directional Antennas 144MHz 2m Portable Yagi VHF Beam Antenna by MØUKD This page contains construction details on a 2 metre 144MHz VHF Yagi beam antenna, designed for portable use. % 18ik2old jn45km 169 comet gp21 (vertical 10 13 947 iq1kw 163 947 0 0 947 00. These can be expensive and will, in general, not offer significant improvements over well constructed homebrew antenna. In combination with this single board computer it becomes very easy to construct an entire radio solution for a low power D-Star Node Adaptor. The gaps between elements are design to produce high gain as well as very good F/B ratio. 645 1 261 1. Το κεντρικό δίπολο είναι κλειστού τύπου. The reason for this change: I wanted horizontal polarization. NMO Series VHF/UHF Mobile Antennas Kulglass VHF/UHF Mobile Antennas: Mobile Mounts: Accessories: MFJ: MFJ-1722/1722S 2M/440 Antenna: Mobile Mounts: MP Antenna: Super-M Classic Mobile Mobile Antenna 25-1300 MHz: Super-M Ultra Mobile Mobile Antenna 25-6000 MHz: Opek: HVT-400B HF/VHF Mobile Antenna: HVT-600 HF/VHF Mobile Antenna: VUG-144 2M Thru Dual-Band DK7ZB Yagi antenna. 0 % Latest Swapmeet. Comet Antennas is a leading manufacturer of space-friendly antennas designed to make the most of tight spaces. Wimo. One is easy to solve – an element without a hole through it which I re-drilled in a flash. With power-handling at 200 watts and 6. Gap Titan DX is the choosen one. Gain over dipole. An alternative to home made antennas is to buy a commercial type. 23-26 Step-by-step tutorial on constructing dipoles for any one of the HF bands from 1. Reviewed by Bob Allison, WB1GCMAssistant Laboratory Managerwb1gcm@arrl. The performance is great and they are made by someone with lots of expertise in the antenna biz and they also have good power dividers etc. Mark M0MRR , has a very comprehensive page on his homebrew version of this antenna type on his excellent website. nr
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